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From Texas Association of Realtors: 7 ways to give better feedback

The professional advice you offer as a broker can help your agents reach their goals in the real estate industry, but it’s possible that your comments aren’t being received well. Here are seven ways to ensure that’s not the case.

Don’t avoid the topic. An agent can’t correct an error or offer solutions if she doesn’t know it’s a problem. You may want to address one-time occurrences like forgotten or misplaced paperwork before they become recurring issues.

Avoid treading too lightly. Your agents deserve straightforward feedback they can use to improve their job performance. Tip-toeing around an issue with passive comments won’t help them adjust their practices.

Add it to the calendar. Schedule a one-on-one appointment long enough to discuss any issues, and prepare yourself for the meeting.

Consider your timing. Offer your suggestions as timely as possible-don’t keep a list to deliver at her annual review.

Be mindful of your delivery. Feedback doesn’t have to be all negative. Mention a few ways you’ve seen her do well lately, too. Make the exchange a conversation as opposed to something you want to get through.

Avoid seeming distracted or rushed. Your presence will tell an agent how important your feedback is. If you’re expecting a phone call or need to leave in five minutes, it may be best to reschedule.

Make sure your feedback helps. It’s not enough to tell someone they’re performance needs improvement-you have to offer concrete suggestions for how it can be improved. If a new agent isn’t having luck at listing appointments, suggest that she tag along with a more experienced listing agent.

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