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Meet Our Agents

Meet Our Agents!

We buy homes, renovate, sell, and rent affordable quality homes and properties in North Texas.

We can find properties from multiple listing services (MLS), our own inventory, and the inventories of other HomeVestor offices nationwide. We have the unique ability to find properties using every proven tool available. As part of HomeVestors, we benefit from a nationwide, multi-million dollar advertising and marketing program.

Joel Beal

Joel Beal is our CEO and one of the owners. Joel leads the acquisitions, sales, and administrative functions for the company. He uses the lessons learned from his experience in technology, transportation, and construction to identify and implement best practices and continual improvement. Joel formed the company with William Roddy to improve Texas and Oklahoma communities, one home at a time.

Joel started in the trucking industry from a small town in Iowa as an independent truck driver, then moved into the management training program for a major trucking company after graduating Iowa Western College. He worked at locations across the United States and rolled out one of the first telematics technology implementations. This saved millions of dollars and dramatically improved safety for this tanker fleet, proving the practical use of this technology that is now ubiquitous in the trucking industry as well as passenger cars. From there, Joel started with this groundbreaking technology vendor as one of the first employees. He created, tested, and implemented technology into the trucking industry which includes the first civilian rollout of GPS technology. After a successful acquisition in 2008, Joel left to form a technology consultant service.

Joel acquired his first rental property in 1992, before he had a house. Constantly traveling and moving, he learned from two mentors who were creating “turn key rentals” before anyone created that phrase. He bought one more rental as soon as he saved enough from rental income to make another down payment. After leaving full time employment in 2008, he became a TREC licensed agent and entered real estate investing full time. He joined Homvestors of America in 2012 as a franchisee to learn marketing, systems, and procedures. In 2018, he formed GBOH, Inc. with William Roddy. In 2020, they licensed the WeBuyHouses.com brand to take advantage of a national brand and network.

Joel is an owner of GBOH, Inc. and Rockwell Technology Inc. He is a minority owner of a forex trading advisory service. He is a Presidential appointee to the United States Selective Service System board, a volunteer instructor with Texas Parks and Wildlife, and has held numerous leadership positions in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Amber Bugay

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Claudia Roddy

One of our primary Realtors, Claudia is a professional licensed agent based in Arlington, Texas. She is a top producer, averaging more than 40 houses a year. She has achieved this by being responsive and caring towards the buyers and sellers, a great negotiator, and a closer. She lives by the company guidelines of only doing a deal she would take either side of.

Born in Managua, Nicaragua, her passion for helping people began early, driven by the morals installed by her mom. She volunteered to help orphans and learn from the children to have the strength to excel no matter the circumstances.

Claudia attended the University of Central America graduating in Business Management in 1999. She worked for the international company Roland where she managed day-to-day business and coordinated salespeople. She married in 2009, and she has four incredible children. She and her husband moved to the USA in 2013. In Texas, they owned a franchise 7-Eleven convenience store where Claudia managed operations. After they sold the store, she moved into real estate and received her real estate license in 2019. In her spare time, she enjoys vacationing with her family, hiking in the mountains, and swimming in the ocean.

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