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City of Arlington Texas: Housing Rehabilitation Program

The City of Arlington’s Housing Rehabilitation Program Assists Homeowners with Emergency Repairs
The Housing Rehabilitation Program assists low-income Arlington home owners with emergency repairs to their home through a federal funded grant of up to $5,000 per household.The emergency must be a condition that occurred within the past 90-days, without warning, that is detrimental to the homeowner’s life, health or safety and requires immediate action.  Some examples include: repair or replacement of heating or cooling systems; electrical or plumbing systems; or roof repair.For More Information:
Go to http://www.arlington-tx.gov/cdp-housing/…
or contact Marisa Loera:
Telephone – 817-276-6707
Email – marisa.loera@arlingtonhousing.us

Michele Craven
Housing Authority of the City of Arlington
Phone: 817-276-6730
Fax: 817-962-1229
501 W. Sanford Street, Suite 20
Arlington, TX 76011

You’ve Just Moved Into a House – Now What?


By Joel Beal

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Have you just moved into a house?  Are you getting ready to move into a house?  We have a list of things to do, starting before you move.

  1. Change your utilities. You can and should do this before you move.  You tell them when you’re moving in, and you won’t pay until your date of move-in.  Contact your electrical provider, your gas provider, and your city for water, sewer, and trash.  If you let your electrical or gas service lapse, many times an extra charge applies from your electric and gas provider.
  2. Change your locks – as soon as you move in. You don’t know who has keys for your house.  Make sure every door and every window locks.
  3. Find your electrical breaker box. Open it up, and make sure you know where every breaker goes.  If your breakers are not labeled – get a friend and test each one.  It’s easy to do with a lamp or an appliance (like a vacuum cleaner).
  4. Find your water shutoff valve to your house. It is usually in a plastic box buried in your front yard.  Open it up and you’ll see an inline ball valve and a meter.  You can buy a special wrench at most hardware stores to operate this ball valve – but it’s usually not necessary.  An adjustable wrench usually does the job.  This is important – if you have a leak, you don’t want to be searching for the shutoff valve while your house is flooding.
  5. Look for water leaks. With every faucet turned off, look at your water meter and write down the reading.  Look under every sink for signs of moisture, check the faucets, and then check your water meter again.  If you meter moved with all water faucets off – you have a leak.  If you did not see the leak, you might have a water line leaking under the house.  Next, fill up every sink with water.  When the sinks are full, release the stopper and let the water out of the sink.  Look at the drain pipes under each sink and watch for leaks as the water is draining.
  6. Clean out all cabinets. Before you move your stuff in, clean out all cabinets and storage spaces.
  7. Get rid of pests. While cleaning out your cabinets, you might see evidence of rodents and insects.  Now is the time to buy your own products to eliminate them, or call in a service.
  8. Paint your walls. If you want to paint the interior, it is much easier to do before you bring in your furniture.
  9. Clean carpets and floors. After you’ve checked for leaks and cleaned up, do your carpets and floors.  Rent a steam cleaner, if you have the time, and save a lot of money.  The best time to do this is before you move in.
  10. Change your furnace filter, and keep a spare.

2403 E. Lancaster + HousV.E.T.S. Foundation = Winning Combo

Update on this listing – which you can read about below…….

Rarely does an ordinary sale create anything newsworthy – but this sale is to no ordinary organization. Instead of allowing a building to turn into an empty lot or an ordinary business, a veterans’ service foundation is turning this property into a beacon on East Lancaster in Fort Worth.

HousV.E.T.S. Foundation is a non-profit foundation that provides vocational training and employment for US military veterans.

The Foundation works hard for U.S. heroes.  They integrate US military veterans into society as productive employees, business owners, and citizens.  The provide training and support to help our veterans help themselves.

Helping them has shown my client and our organization that real estate is about much more than just properties.  Visit their web site, and help out if you can.


3 Commercial Buildings zoned F1 commercial.  Two buildings facing Lancaster and one building facing Bomar.  Built in 1955 for Cooley Building and Lumber Company’s offices and later housed a security company.

High traffic location very close to I-30 and downtown Fort Worth.  High potential and low price.  Priced below $25/building SF, this property needs renovation and can be configured to meet many requirements where visibility and space are important.  Structure and roof are in good condition.

Ideal Uses; Industrial office with high storage needs, flex space/small office rentals, document storage and destruction, light construction, religious institution, personnel / labor agency, workforce training.

Location:  2403 East Lancaster; East of Riverside and West of Beach.  13200 VPD on Lancaster.  Within 3 miles; 77012 population and 98356 workplace employees.

Size:  Main building is 2 story, 6217 SF.  2 smaller outbuildings formerly used for a classroom and for storage.

Price:  $149,000.


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